The Past is Future


My life in wine has unfolded in 20-23 year long cycles. I planted my first vines the year I turned 23, giving myself 20 years to explore winegrowing in Leelanau.  When I was 46 I decided that I should focus exclusively on producing sparkling wines, and now at 68 I have decided the time has come to retire from winegrowing.

The Laing Family have been my business partners for over a decade; now Mike and Pete are stepping up to take over day to day operations, bringing fresh solutions and exploring new vistas.  I perform a consulting role as MAWBY grows into the next 20 years.

Exciting changes are coming in the next few months, with more to come over the ensuing years as we continue to refine our understanding of winegrowing here in Leelanau, as we respond to climate change and our changing society.  I look forward to seeing the future of MAWBYness unfold.