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We ferment all of our sparkling wines and ciders twice, none of our products are carbonated.  In the fall we harvest grapes, press them, and ferment the juice into wine.  We then blend the wine to the desired style and flavor profile. We re-ferment the wines using either the Cuve Close or Traditional Method.  We source fruit from our own properties in Leelanau County.  We also purchase fruit and base wines from a select group of growers and producers in Leelanau County as well as from Southwest Michigan, California and Washington State.  The desired flavor profile in the finished product helps inform the choice of variety, site, source, and fermentation method. We work with growers and producers committed to a high standard of quality.  We are always looking to improve our wines, adding new styles and experimental small batch products to excite those new to the MAWBYness, and to keep our loyal followers engaged.  We welcome you to join us, start a non tradition, and happy MAWBYness