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Nov 2, 2023 • 2 min read

Pop, Fizz, Sip: 12 Ways to Enjoy and Share 12 Bottles of MAWBY Sparkling Wine

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with the joy of MAWBY Sparkling Wine? While 12 bottles might seem like a lot (okay, it is a lot), here are twelve delightful ways to enjoy and share MAWBY this bubbly season.

  1. Cookie Decorating Party: Go full Martha Stewart and make your own cookies and frosting, or buy pre made. The fun part is gathering with friends, getting creative, and using alllll the sprinkles.
    Long time staff member Flournoy recommends Sex, a fruity brut rose, paired with sugar cookies.

  2. New Year's Eve Bash: Whether you're in heels and tails or comfy sweatpants, bubbles are a must on December 31st. Pair our sparkling wine with a spread of hummus, olives, cheeses, and meats for an easy and delicious New Year's Eve celebration.

  3. Custom Labels: Make your holiday card drinkable by creating custom labels with any image or photo. Spread the festive cheer by dropping off personalized bottles for friends and loved ones.

  4. Thanksgiving Feast: Sparkling wine's bright acidity and bubbles make it the perfect companion for rich Thanksgiving foods. Try serving Grace, a brut rose, to elevate your holiday feast.

  5. Trim the Tree: Sip on a festive "cherry sparkler" while decorating the tree. Top your favorite MAWBY Sparkling Wine with a splash of tart cherry juice for a delightful holiday treat.

  6. Takeout Extravaganza: No time to cook? Having Chinese on December 25th? Tasting room manager Brandon recommends Parallel paired with Crab Rangoon's or anything spicy. Parallel is half Riesling, giving it just enough sweetness to balance out spicy asian dishes.

  7. Hostess with the Mostess: Bubbly is a timeless gift! Keep a bottle or two on hand to give as hostess gifts throughout the holiday season.

  8. Mimosa Kit Magic: Create a DIY mimosa kit with sparkling wine, fresh fruit juice, and fancy flutes. Wine Club manger Claire uses Detroit, a sweet floral bubbly, with grapefruit juice for a unique/tart/balanced/pretty take on the classic.

  9. Thank the Caregivers: Show gratitude to the people who make your life easier. Sandpiper, a classic house bubbly, is the perfect thank-you gift for pet sitters, caregivers, and helpful neighbors.

  10. One Size Fits All: Bubbly goes with everything! Gift a bottle of MAWBY Sparkling Wine with a stylish MAWBY hat for a versatile and thoughtful present.

  11. Drink MAWBY, Give Back: Support local nonprofits by purchasing MAWBY Gives wines. This month, enjoy Bourbon Barrel Redd—a cozy, sparkling red wine perfect for sipping by the fire.

  12. Celebrate a Miracle: One of our favorite pairings is MAWBY sparkling wine with a crisp latke, a rich dollop of creme fraiche and a healthy scoop of caviar.

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