MAWBY Infused Bubblies

We are thrilled to release three new ways to share the MAWBYness:

Sunlight, Tropic and Roobi are low alcohol, low sugar, made with Michigan wine and infused with organic teas and real fruit juice. These canned bubbly products are ideal for adventures year round.

Roobi is available in the Fall and features Marquette grapes from Southwest Michigan, raspberry, vanilla and Rooibos tea.

Tropic is available year round. A rosé infused with passion fruit juice, green jasmine tea and dried flowers and other dried flowers from Lamie Wellness Tea Company in Traverse City, Michigan.

Sunlight is a summer seasonal and a white wine-based beverage infused with a blend of organically grown botanicals from Light Of Day Organics also located in Traverse City.  

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