And so we drink the heart of agriculture & so it is we are sustained.” – Larry Mawby

The History 


Our Elm Valley estate vineyard was planted by Larry Mawby in 1976, making one of the oldest commercial vineyards in Michigan. The original Vignoles vines are still producing grapes today. 

The Numbers


We grow grapes on three separate properties in Leelanau County:

Elm Valley 14 acres

Norvick Road 6 acres

Sylt Road 8 acres

We support local growers by purchasing fruit from growers throughout Michigan, and work with growers and producers in Washington State and California.  

The Future


We are proud of our agricultural roots and want to protect this Land of Delight for years to come. Our farm is part of The Leelanau Conservancy’s Farmland Protection. We verified through MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) certifying we use practices to minimize agricultural pollution.   

The changing climate will challenge us, but we strive to farm our land responsibly with a focus on growing quality wine grapes.

For a closer look at our Elm Valley property, please click here.