Peter Laing



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In Ann Arbor, Michigan, born and raised, in the creekbed was where he spent most of his days… Pete grew up with his brother Mike in Ann Arbor and spent his first 22 years there, including 4 at University of Michigan studying Industrial Engineering.  He followed graduation with jobs at two large companies utilizing his degree. In between the two jobs he spent a summer in the Traverse City area getting a taste for viticulture by working for a local vineyard management company.

Almost 2 years after Mike’s return home, Pete left the corporate world in late 2009 in search of greener pastures.  He worked a harvest on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario on the way back to the Traverse City area to work at Mawby and help tend to his parents’ vineyard in Leelanau County.  For the past 9 years, Pete has worn many hats under the Mawby umbrella (where hats are typically not necessary). Principally, Pete has taken over the bulk of the day to day and planning aspects of the finance/accounting roles, as well as production planning, purchasing, HR, IT, ETC…

Pete enjoys commuting to Mawby via bike, hiking, kayaking, and camping near our Great Lakes, and eating and drinking the fruits (and beverages) of our local farmers.  He has also been known to dish Mike an assist in the occasional pond hockey game. He is driven by the environmental challenges presented in our time and appreciates a well made spreadsheet.