Larry Mawby planted a parcel of land in Leelanau County with a personal promise to make the best wines he could while respecting mother earth.  


Larry makes his first sparkling wine developed with the realization that these are best suited for our climate and growing region.

mid 1990’s

L Mawby Vineyards starts exclusively making sparkling wines in the Champagne or bottle fermented style


We release our our tank fermented line M Lawrence. Fresh fruity and fun, they include Sex, Detroit and Us


 Larry Mawby partners with the Laing Family in 2009.


L Mawby and M Lawrecen re brand to become MAWBy Sparkling Wines. Brothers Michael and Peter Laing, who combined have over 20 years of experience at MAWBY, currently head up the team with support from Stu and Sharon Laing and Larry Mawby.  Our focus remains the same as when Larry founded the company; we wish to create the finest sparkling wines while respecting the land.