We couldn’t do what we do without Mother Nature.  We recognize that what we have is precious and finite. Sustainable practices, in winemaking and in life, are paramount to protecting this “Land of Delight” and our entire planet.

You can reach more about Larry Mawby’s thoughts on climate, change, wine and what’s in your glass here.

Today, the MAWBY team continues the precedent set by Larry years ago. We recognize the importance of protecting our little slice of heaven and support policies and procedures that promise the same.  Some examples:

  • We are committed to the preservation of Leelanau County through a conservation easement on our Elm Valley property (approx 25 acres).
  • We recycle! Glass, wooden pallets and cardboard. We re-use packaging materials.  
  • Our shipping packaging is all made of recycled products and can further be recycled.
  • We are MAEP certified in four cropping and farmstead systems. More information here.
  • We work with  Morgan Composting, to create a custom blend of compost to promote soil health.
  • We compost our grape pomace (pressing waste).
  • We follow integrated pest management systems as laid out by Michigan State University. The practices are outlined here.
  • We re-use CO2, when possible, in the production of our tank fermented (Cuve Close) bubblies.
  • The majority of our vineyards are dry farmed (not irrigated).
  • We harvest wind energy through a wind turbine located on our Elm Valley property.
  • We have two electric car charging stations available for employees and guests at our Elm Valley property.
  • Our canned products are packaged with cardboard collars instead of plastic to reduce waste.
  • We work with American Waste of Northern Michigan because of their progressive waste handling and recycling practices.
  • We are a member of the Great Lakes Sustainable Wine Alliance.